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Distribution for Prolyte in Slovenia

We proudly announce a new alliance with a strong and highly-professional partner. Starting from April 2014, Novigre d.o.o. will be the official distributor for Prolyte Group © in Slovenia.

"Prolyte Group"

Over the past 30 years Prolyte Group © established itself as one of the worldwide leading companies for professional aluminium-trussing for event-, show- , shop- and outdoor advertising-equipment. The Prolyte Group © employs more than 300 highly trained employees and guarantees the utmost standards for its various products. The production facilities are constantly monitored by official-institutions, just like the TÜV and always comply with the latest safety-regulations. Quality and safety you can feel and you can trust in!

The product range offers a sheer not ending variety and is not only limited to trusses. You can find roof-constructions, tower-systems, box-corners, baseplates, couplers, clamps, barriers, stairs, railings, stage-decks, decorative-trusses, rigging-gear, motorized hoist-systems, theatre-products, controllers and much much more. By having a closer look at the product range you will see that Prolyte Group © is really the "One-Stop-Shop" that makes it the ideal partner for all applications you might have.

"From left to right: Ansgar Plagge ( CEO of Prolyte Group ), Peter Superger ( Novigre d.o.o. ) and David Stöppel ( Sales / Account Manager Prolyte Products GmbH ) at international sales-meeting, Emsdetten 01.04.2014"

All the products, brochures, load-tables, certificates and pricelists will be online shortly and we will provide you with the best information possible.

For any help and additional info we kindly ask you not to hesitate and contact us at any time.

Your Novigre Team